What do you know about your impact?

Shared Value Foundation

Shared Value Foundation helps businesses and (N)GO’s to visualise and optimise the social impact of a project, product or service. Hosted by Utrecht University and together with our team of international researchers, we are your organisations’ eyes and ears in the field.

  • Know the context

    We map the socio-economic context of your project, product or service

  • Know your impact

    We make the expected and unexpected impacts of your project, product or service visible

  • Create Shared Value

    We help you to enhance your social impact and optimising your organisation’s results

Know the context

We help you to align your project, investment or intervention to the specific circumstances and needs on the ground.

Know your impact

We conduct in-depth field research to map your organisations possible impact pathways.

Create Shared Value

We provide your organisation with out of the box ideas to reduce risks, optimize your impact and to identify new opportunities.

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