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What do you know about your impact?

Shared Value Foundation (SVF) works to visualize and optimize the social impact of development projects and investments by focusing on the direct and indirect impacts on affected communities, and looking at the intended and unintended consequences both within the project area and beyond.

.What  we do


Taking the local situation and affected communities as our point of departure, our aim is to help organizations and businesses to optimize social impact in line with people’s aspirations and without crossing socio-ecological boundaries.



SVF aims to pool, disseminate and apply knowledge about how to optimize the social impacts of interventions in different socio-economic settings.  Based at Utrecht University, we build on the knowledge originating from various disciplinary fields and are grounded in a long-established and international alumni network within the Netherlands, as well as in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.



We support scholars and professionals in carrying out research, data collection and fact-finding, teaming up and exchanging experiences, and sharing results and experiences. Through our activities we intend to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development. Given the rapid changes taking place due to climate change, COVID-19, energy and food crises, and migration policies, we ask how we can contribute to improving the situation of vulnerable groups, how we can ensure their voices are heard and how we can make them part of the solutions. Our approach is community-based and bottom-up, finding new ways for ‘shared value’ in line with local needs and aspirations.


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