Our mission

Shared Value Foundation (SVF) works to visualize and optimize the social impact of development projects and investments by focusing on the direct and indirect impacts on affected communities, and looking at the intended and unintended consequences both within the project area and beyond. Taking the local situation and affected communities as our point of departure, our aim is to help organizations and businesses to optimize social impact in line with people’s aspirations and without crossing socio-ecological boundaries.

In addition to facilitating research and creating opportunities for young graduates to become involved, we organize tailor-made masterclasses and summer schools for businesses and organizations; and play a role as a broker in supporting professional organizations in carrying out field research (student teams supervised by Utrecht University).

More concretely, SVF will play a broader role in:

  • Facilitating impact and SDG-related field work – with the involvement of students/experts from our international network. (Involvement of IDS-Students in carrying out SDG-related fieldwork, co-supervised by UU).

  • Tailor-made master classes and summer schools for Professionals (certificated by SVF-UU). There are also possibilities for a coaching trajectory (1 year), in combination with fieldwork training – also in combination with the IDS master-programme.

  • Seminars, round tables, and conferences (on demand), bringing in expertise from our network and beyond.

  • Socializing the research: Actively promoting knowledge about social impact and spreading research findings to a wider audience. Our website will be used to give a voice to communities in relation to research outcomes, and will offer space to IDS students to disseminate results, publish blogs and policy briefs as well as create job and internship opportunities.

  • Creating a dynamic community that links students, alumni, experts, and professionals from different parts of the world and enhances networking and collaboration, with the IDS and Utrecht University as a hub for this connection.