About us

Shared Value Foundation (SVF) is a foundation established under Dutch law, classified by the Dutch Tax Authority as a Public Benefit Organisation (or ANBI: Algenmeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

We consist of a board and a small team of researchers. Our board members do not receive a renumeration for their work. Our coordinators and researchers receive a salary in line with (junior) research positions at academic institutes (see CAO VSNU for an indication). 

Shared Value Foundation works to optimise the social impact of development projects. Hereby we focus on finding solutions to increase the welfare of people in deprived areas in a sustainable, timely but also ecological way.  As part of our secondary objective, we provide opportunities for young academic graduates, to help build their professional career and create chances on the labour market.

Organisations active in Africa, Asia and Latin America, are often not aware of the short-term, but especially the long-term impact of their interventions. We are looking for – and helping organisations in finding – solutions for positive longterm development impact at the local level, so that the local population simply experiences the most benefit. We aim to do this by:

  1. Mapping the local context. With a bottom-up approach, we map the socioeconomic context of a project, product or service. By researching this context, we make sure that the activities are suited for its circumstances.

  2. Showing the impact. Once the context is known, we study (potential) impact within this context. Through participatory methods, we make the intended and unintended impact of a project, product or activity visible.

  3. Creating Shared Value. As soon the potential impact is mapped, we provide concrete recommendations and develop out-of-the-box ideas to improve this social impact. We create shared value by stimulating the social impact, while also optimising an organisation’s results.

Policy plan & annual financial report

Find our policy plan for the 2015-2020 period, which also includes a brief overview of our activities each year.

Also available are our financial reports for the years:






SVF is registered with the chamber of commerce at:
Kruithuisstraat 120
1018 WW Amsterdam

Stichting Shared Value – RSIN 8541.61.715