Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Development Jakarta and Manila


Dedicated to making cities more inclusive and sustainable, the Human Cities Coalition (HCC) was created as a public-private partnership of over 150 stakeholders and 20 partners. It aimed to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 and the New Urban Agenda. Its mission was to improve the lives of the growing number of people living in slums by working together with the Dutch and local companies, communities, government and civil society.

Shared Value Foundation, with Utrecht University and LANDac, conducted a bottom-up local research on the needs, challenges, and opportunities in informal settlement communities in Jakarta and Manila.  In 2017, two researchers worked in close collaboration with Slum Dwellers International, local researchers, universities, and communities to identify opportunities for HCC to contribute to sustainable and inclusive urban development. We locally mapped the context in housing, drinking water, sanitation, waste, and employment, and provided recommendations. Reports are available upon request.