What is a learning platform?

Through the Learning Platforms project, LANDac, CIFOR, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform facilitated by Shared Value Foundation, conduct in-depth local research into the impact of large-scale land investment on local livelihoods and food security. We feed the results of this bottom-up research into a three-day neutral and multi-stakeholder platform in which we bring together local communities, investors, civil society and academia. This way, stakeholders know what is happening in the commpunities around them. Together, we design action plans and we think of innovative solutions to create shared value and solutions that make the investments more inclusive: beneficial for both businesses and the local communities. After initial launch of the learning platform,  several follow-up meetings and activities with the stakeholder groups will be organized, to ensure that the change processes are monitored and supported, and identified actions are implemented on the ground.

We focussed on concrete investments in agriculture and forestry in Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda: countries that are receiving large-scale land-based investments in these sectors. Find more on our research, the learning platforms and follow-up activities through the country-links on this page. You can find the syntheses report here.

Learning Platforms Partners

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