Launch of Handbook of Translocal Development and Global Mobilities

(06 Sept 2021) UTRECHT:  A handbook of empirical works from experts showing development studies as a relationship of flows, mobility and movement of people, goods and capital rather than merely ‘territorial’,  has been launched.

Edited by Annelies Zoomers, Professor of International Development Studies and Maggi Leung, Kei Otsuki and Guus Van Westen, Associate Professors, Department of Human Geography and Planning, Utrecht University, the Netherlands,  this timely Handbook, according to the publisher’s promotional brief, demonstrates that global linkages, flows and circulations merit a more central place in theorization about development.

‘Combining new empirical research with novel conceptualizations, the Handbook of Translocal Development and Global Mobilities explores the complex and changing ways in which global flows are restructuring livelihood possibilities. While recognizing the potential for peoples’ agency, the authors draw attention to the increasing constraints on local development, and thus the challenges that new capital and human flows present for securing inclusion and sustainability…’ – Anthony Bebbington, Clark University, US